Water & Sewer Backup

sump-pumpDamage to your property due to flooding stinks, sometimes literally! Backup of sewage from sanitary sewer lines in not only disgusting, it can be expensive and difficult to repair.

Water Backup of Sewers or Drains 

Backup of sewer and water is a coverage that your insurance agent may have offered to you when you purchased you homeowners policy. It provides coverage if your drain overflows  or if your sump pump breaks, causing major damage to your house and valuable items. Reasons this could happen would be:

  • An aging sewer system
  • A system that combines storm water and raw sewage might accumulate more volume than it can handle, causing a backup.
  • Shrubs and tree roots seeking moisture will work into sewer line cracks.

Coverage amounts can vary depending on the state you live in. When trying to figure out how much coverage you need, consider your electronics, furniture, and flooring materials.

What is Not Covered

Water backup coverage should not be confused with coverage for flooding. That’s what Flood Insurance is for and it is purchased completely separate. When overflow from nearby creeks or rivers  cause surface water to enter your home, it is excluded from your policy. Subsurface water from a leaking pool or irrigation system is also excluded.

To answer any questions that you may have regarding your homeowners policy, call Barrick Insurance to meet with one of our experienced agents. (717) 632-7270

Water & Sewer Backup

Flood Insurance


Another flash flood warning! As you watch the news you may not pay much mind to it. After all, isn’t that what homeowners insurance is for?

What is Covered?

Homeowners Insurance will not cover water damage due to flooding.  You must purchase a separate flood insurance policy for that. You would need a policy through the government funded program known as the National Flood Insurance Program. This program covers physical loss caused by:

  • Floods & related erosion
  • Severe rainstorms
  • Flash floods
  • Hurricanes
  • Snow melt

The structure of your home as well as some personal property are covered including:

  • Building furnace & Water Heater
  • Refrigerators, cook stoves, and other built in appliances
  • Debris removal
  • Clothing, furniture, and other valuable items
  • Food freezers & their contents

Even if you do not live in a flood zone, it is a good idea to purchase flood insurance. About 25% of all claims occur in “low-to-moderate risk areas”. You may be eligible for a low cost Preferred Risk Policy.

Purchasing Flood Insurance

Unlike your home or auto, you cannot price shop due to the Federal government setting the rates. You can purchase flood insurance through your local agent. Barrick Insurance can help answer any questions that you may have. Give our office a call at (717) 632-7270.

Flood Insurance

Bodily Injury & Medical Payments Coverage

VW Passat

Medical Payments coverage and Bodily Injury Liability differ in one big way. One provides coverage for you and one covers other drivers.  It is important to know the difference between the two when deciding how much coverage you want.

Bodily Injury Liability

Bodily Injury Liability covers another drivers physical injury when you caused the accident. It can also provide coverage for:

  • Pain and Suffering
  • Income Loss if the other driver is unable to perform their normal work activities
  • Legal Fees
  • Medical Expenses (hospital care, follow-up doctor visits, wheelchair, etc.)

Every state has a minimum coverage amount a driver must carry on their vehicles.

Medical Payments Coverage

Also known as MedPay, medical payments coverage follows the policyholder. It also usually covers  any passengers or family members in the vehicle. No matter if your walking, riding in a friends car, or on public transportation, your medical payments follow you, the policyholder.

Pennsylvania is a no fault state. So if the accident is caused by another driver, their Bodily Injury Liability will reimburse your medical expenses. If you caused the accident, your medical will reimburse your medical expenses. Even if you have health insurance, it doesn’t always cover injuries due to an auto accident.

Talk with an Agent

Insurance terms and coverages can be very confusing. If you have questions or are looking for a free quote call Barrick Insurance at (717) 632-7270.

Bodily Injury & Medical Payments Coverage

The Benefits of Using an Independent Agent

AgentShould I have full or limited tort, stacking or no stacking? What exactly is Uninsured & Underinsured coverage? How much Liability coverage is enough? When shopping for insurance, a person might feel very overwhelmed and confused. That’s why working with an independent agent can be very beneficial.

Types of Insurance Agents

There are generally two kinds of insurance agents, an independent agent and a direct agent. Captive Agents only represent one company and are limited to their companies products. There are also Direct Writers such as Geico or Safeco, who write directly from the company. They also only have access to their own company’s products. Independent Agents on the other hand, represent many insurance companies at once. They have the ability to shop for the best possible rate and coverage to fit your needs.

Smart Shopping

Shopping for insurance should not be taken lightly. It protects your most valuable assets! It is important to know what you are purchasing. Independent agents can help you with a number of things.

  • Understand insurance terms and answer your questions
  • Find coverage to fit your individual risks and needs
  • Shop different companies to find affordable rates
  • Assistance with claims
  • Meet with you face to face and establish a personal partnership

Finding an Agent

Barrick Insurance is an independent agency ready to assist you with your insurance needs! We wish to establish a successful partnership with our clients and companies, respecting their interests and goals. For help with your insurance needs give us a call today at (717) 632-7270.

The Benefits of Using an Independent Agent

The Value of Renters Insurance

Some tenants might assume that their landlord’s insurance will cover their personal property. The truth is that a Landlord’s policy gives coverage to rebuild or repair the actual building. Your personal property would have no coverage.

For Rent

Renters Policy Coverages

Renters Insurance covers more than just personal property. It also covers

  • Medical Payments- covers minor injuries caused by you or your family members
  • Additional Living Expenses- pays for you to stay somewhere else like a hotel, if your rental would become inhabitable due to a covered loss
  • Liability- extra protection for legal expenses in the case you are found legally responsible for damage to others or their property

Your Personal Property

Some may reason that their property isn’t worth enough to buy renters insurance. However,  if you were to take an inventory of the things you own, you might be surprised at the value of your belongings. Take for example your television and it’s accessories, furniture, clothes, and other electronics. Would you be able to replace all of that out of your own pocket? Probably not!

Make a Smart Investment

Generally a renters policy only cost about $15.00 to $30.00 a month, depending on the coverage limits. For a dollar a day you can protect your possessions and much more.  Call Barrick Insurance (717) 632-7270 to receive a free Renters Quote and some peace of mind.



The Value of Renters Insurance

The Importance of First Named Insured

Auto Insurance.jpg

An insured is anyone covered under an insurance policy. Many of us already know that. However,  there is a small difference between the insureds depending on how they are listed on a policy.

When you receive your auto policy in the mail, one of the first pages is usually the Declarations page. On the Declarations page there is usually a block that list the named insureds. There is a separate section listing all of the drivers on the policy. This brings up the question,  does it matter who is listed as the First Named Insured?

Insureds – Named, First Named, Additional

  • A Named Insured is anyone specifically named on the declarations page.
  • First Named Insured is the first person listed on the Dec page. This person represents all insureds on the policy and has the main responsibility of paying premiums, making changes, and cancelling the policy. They would also be the ones accepting any returned premiums.
  • An Additional Insured is someone not named on the Dec page but has been added to the policy through an endorsement. Thus they have coverage as well.

Review Your Insurance Policy

The next time you receive your new insurance policy make sure to look it over. Whoever is the First Named Insured will be acting as a legal agent for all named insureds. So make sure it is someone responsible and reliable. If you have any further questions regarding your insurance policy give Barrick Insurance a call at (717) 632-7270.



The Importance of First Named Insured

Lending a Vehicle to a Friend or Relative



Your friend’s car is in the shop getting inspected and he needs a car for the day. Knowing he is a safe driver you lend him your vehicle. Later that morning you get a phone call. It’s your friend calling to let you know he was in an accident with another vehicle. Your heart starts racing and a million thoughts go through your mind.

Drivers Covered Under My Insurance

Many drivers are not positive who would be covered under their auto insurance policy. Drivers covered would include:

  • Anyone living in your household, unless expressly excluded
  • Anyone whom you have given permission to drive your vehicle

Many people think that car insurance follows the driver when actually car insurance follows the vehicle. Your own policy would be the primary coverage should an accident  occur.


Not everyone who drives your car is covered. As mentioned earlier, any driver that you have expressly excluded from your policy will obviously not have coverage. So it is important two think twice about excluding those who live in your home. Other situations not covered would include:

  • Theft
  • Non-permissive use: If you did not give your friend permission to drive your vehicle.


If your friend takes your vehicle without permission and is uninsured, your insurance will have to pay. You can also be held liable and possibly be sued for damages if:

  • You let an intoxicated/ impaired driver operate your vehicle
  • You allow an unlicensed driver to take your vehicle

Know your Insurance Coverage

It is important to know who and what is covered under your insurance. When you let someone else drive your vehicle remember that you will be the one filing the claim, paying the deductible, and accepting any rate increases. Never lend your car to someone you do not trust! Situations can vary and it is important to talk with a licensed agent before making decisions. If you have any questions and would like to speak with a knowledgeable agent contact Barrick Insurance at (717) 632-7270.

Lending a Vehicle to a Friend or Relative