Vacant Homes & Properties


Not many people realize that if they have a house sitting empty, the standard homeowner’s policy will not cover the home in the case of a loss. For example:

  • A house under renovation
  • The empty home of a deceased relative
  • An empty house in process of being sold


These homes are more at risk for vandalism and malicious mischief. If damage does occur no one is there to fix the problem before it gets worse. For these reasons, after 60 consecutive days of being vacant they are no longer covered under a standard homeowner’s policy. (Some policies say 30 consecutive days. Each policy may vary.)

Vacant Homes

The next question would be, is the home vacant or unoccupied? The term “vacant” refers to “without content or occupant”, thus entirely empty. Whereas the term “unoccupied” would be a dwelling with furniture but no occupant. This would mean more than a chair and a few scattered books. There would have to be enough items left to make it livable; a refrigerator, stove, television set, and/or other items that make it obvious the homeowner did not permanently leave.

Your Coverage

It is important to know that you have the right coverage for your property no matter what the situation. Barrick Insurance can help you find coverage to suite your needs and circumstances.

If you have a home that is going to be vacant or if you have general questions about your homeowner’s insurance policy call us today at (717) 632-7270.

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Vacant Homes & Properties