Water & Sewer Backup

sump-pumpDamage to your property due to flooding stinks, sometimes literally! Backup of sewage from sanitary sewer lines in not only disgusting, it can be expensive and difficult to repair.

Water Backup of Sewers or Drains 

Backup of sewer and water is a coverage that your insurance agent may have offered to you when you purchased you homeowners policy. It provides coverage if your drain overflows  or if your sump pump breaks, causing major damage to your house and valuable items. Reasons this could happen would be:

  • An aging sewer system
  • A system that combines storm water and raw sewage might accumulate more volume than it can handle, causing a backup.
  • Shrubs and tree roots seeking moisture will work into sewer line cracks.

Coverage amounts can vary depending on the state you live in. When trying to figure out how much coverage you need, consider your electronics, furniture, and flooring materials.

What is Not Covered

Water backup coverage should not be confused with coverage for flooding. That’s what Flood Insurance is for and it is purchased completely separate. When overflow from nearby creeks or rivers  cause surface water to enter your home, it is excluded from your policy. Subsurface water from a leaking pool or irrigation system is also excluded.

To answer any questions that you may have regarding your homeowners policy, call Barrick Insurance to meet with one of our experienced agents. (717) 632-7270

Water & Sewer Backup

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